L106 House

L106 is a single family house located in a recent suburban dwelling, mixing concepts of beach, condominium and nature.

It is characterized by the implantation of a rectangular volume of a single floor, perpendicular to the entrance, fulfilling the offsets defined by the urbanistic law. This volume opens to the back of the lot where a lawn and a water mirror are located, both drawn in a sequence of rectangles. The building is constructed in concrete and plastered masonry painted white, with a flat roof and exterior blades covered by local canes. The piece that most characterizes the house is the entrance wall in cobogó, which takes advantage of the northwest orientation to create combinations of varied shadows casted over the white walls.

  • ProjectL106 House
  • OwnerPrivate
  • LocationComporta, Portugal
  • Area154 m2
  • TypeResidential
  • ArchitecturePereira Miguel Arquitectos
  • CoordinationLuís Pereira Miguel
  • CollaboratorsAna Abrantes
  • EngineeringLNM engenharia civil (structure), Projecto - Engenheiros Associados (other projects)
  • ContractorBeach Blue
  • Year2016-2018
  • PhotographyFG+SG- Fernando Guerra